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The Open Study at LSHTM upgrade update

by Joanne Pepper -

The Open Study at LSHTM upgrade has been successfully completed.

Please be advised: When accessing course tiles content. Please place your cursor within the white background of the central content area, to scroll available content using a mouse scroll wheel, or keyboard cursor keys.

Thank you for your patience during this important update.

Kind regards

ITS Enterprise Systems

Jisc: Online Surveys – New version available for use!

by Joanne Pepper -

There are some significant changes to Jisc Online Surveys planned for 2024. The platform will be transitioning to a new version in February 2024 and data will not be migrated. For all those who currently have live surveys, planning on launching surveys, or still have data they need in the current Jisc Online Survey platform, please read this important announcement.

Existing Online Surveys users:

The older version will be available until 29th February 2024. Following the transition, you will be able to use your existing online surveys account credentials to access the new version via the ‘Online Surveys’ homepage. The following Jisc ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, contains a lot of useful information regarding the changes and what to expect.

Survey owners who wish to retain existing survey data will need to migrate their data before 29th February 2024 – there will be no automatic transfer of data. Please refer to the Jisc ‘FAQ: Migration to Online Surveys v3’ guide for assistance.

To ensure extracted survey data is securely managed, survey owners should use the most suitable storage option listed within the ‘LSHTM Data Storage Option/s’ guide. Additionally, you may also need to review any associated data management agreements.

New Online Surveys users (LSHTM members)

‘Request an Online Surveys account’ via the service desk and you will be granted access to the new version by default.

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