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This category houses open access courses developed by the School.

Understand global blindness and how to plan effective eye care with this online course for health professionals.

This page contains a series of downloadable resources and learning activities from the School's Health Economics and Financing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries course. The material was originally delivered as a short course created for UNICEF and delivered to UNICEF staff between 2006 and 2016. Additional information about the course and its last edition can be found here.

The material is broken down into teaching modules and topic-focused interactive activities. Activities are presented in a variety of different ways ('challenge yourself' exercises, 'check your learning' quizzes) and may be vehicles for delivering content or informal assessment tasks. 

Course developers: Dr Virginia Wiseman, Dr Lorna Guinness, Fiammetta Bozzani, Joanna Stroud

An introduction to the digital skills new students should acquire when they start their programme of study.

Map of the world with famous monuments and many kinds of people reading books

This course has been designed to explore the complicated problem of malnutrition in all its forms, highlighting its multi-sectoral causes, exploring the available evidence and identifying potential solutions.

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Discover the key concepts of epidemiology for eye care, explore the causes and distribution of visual impairment in populations, learn about key epidemiological study designs and assess their strengths and limitations for studying eye disease.

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Learn to critically analyse the different features of the main epidemiological study designs and how they are used to address different research questions in eye health.