How to access downloadable material

Learning steps

The course is broken down into teaching weeks, topic-focused activities, and individual learning steps. Learning steps take a variety of forms:

  • Content steps, such as text-based articles or audio-visual material, such as mini-lectures and interviews
  • Communication steps, such as structured discussions
  • Assessment steps, such as simple quizzes.

Steps will be marked by type in their title, e.g. ARTICLE, VIDEO, DISCUSSION or QUIZ.

Downloadable material

A range of downloadable material will be available, depending on the step type. The vast majority of steps will include the step outline text used in the original course. This text offers basic information around the focus of the step, who is contributing to it (where applicable), and may include simple questions to prompt conversation among learners.

  • An article step will include a full text PDF and any copyright-cleared imagery relating to the text, e.g. graphs. A reference list may also be available
  • A video step will include an embedded version of the video, a link to a downloadable version of the file (if possible), a transcript of all spoken content, and in the case of mini-lectures, the slides used
  • A discussion step will include a full text PDF of the questions or scenario outlined
  • A quiz step will include questions, answers and feedback in PDF and VLE-friendly formats.

If further reading or resources were indicated within a step, these will be made available on the step page.

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