Step 3.11 Strengthening health systems (VIDEO)

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Further reading

Health-System Resilience: Reflections On The Ebola Crisis In Western Africa

This editorial in the Bulletin of the WHO outlines the importance of health systems strengthening.

The Ebola Outbreak, Fragile Health Systems, And Quality As A Cure

This viewpoint in JAMA looks in-depth at the importance of strengthening health systems.

Ebola Epidemic Exposes The Pathology Of The Global Economic And Political System

This link to a People's Health Movement position paper points to the complex social, political and economic factors underpinning ebola in west Africa, consequently highlighting the need for broad reforms and interventions to support strong health systems.

How The Aid And Development Industry Helped Cause Africa's Ebola Outbreak

Podcast from medical anthropologist, James Pfeiffer, about one of the root causes of the 2014 outbreak.

The International Monetary Fund And The Ebola Outbreak

Comment in the Lancet on the role of the IMF in contributing to the weak health systems in the affected countries

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