Study UK: Learn online with a UK University

Study UK: Learn online with a UK University

by Graeme Hathaway -
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Learn online with a UK university 

The Study UK campaign has once again partnered with FutureLearn social learning platform to bring the UK higher education experience to learners worldwide. 

From 1 October 2018, learners will be able to access over 320 massive open online courses (MOOCs) from 35 UK universities. The campaign - Study UK: Learn online with a UK university - covers a wide range of courses from: The Future of Farming to Discovering Dentistry; Smart Cities to Antiquities trafficking and Art crime. Whatever your field of study, it’s likely that the Study UK course list will feature an option that meets your area of interest.  This is an excellent opportunity to really understand the breadth and variety of what is on offer in the UK. 

Anyone can join and take part, and you can complete as many courses as you want. However, should you be in one of the 145 non-OECD countries there is an offer of a free FutureLearn upgrade on these courses for 50,000 learners. We should add that you’ll need to complete at least five steps on one of your courses and you’ll receive a certificate for the work you’ve put in! 

What is a digital upgrade?

Upgrading means you can:

get unlimited access to courses

take courses at their own pace 

refer to the material at any point

Through the online courses, you will experience what it is like to study at a UK university for free and from your home country. Digital certificates will give you recognition for your hard work. MOOCs are a great way to meet others who have a similar interest to you and share ideas about the topic of the course.

We hope you to see you on one of the courses in the very near future!

Sign up now by clicking on the image at the top of this post.

This campaign will run from 1 October 2018 until 16 January 2019. 

Find out more about the campaign - on both this British Council page and the student facing page