• Troubleshooting

    • We have tried to make the course as comprehensive as possible, however, we realise some errors may arise that we haven’t covered here. Here are some suggestions on how to problem solve.  

      1. Try to identify why the problem is arising: The error messages given by the software can give you information about why the task has failed. Simple things such as syntax errors or incorrect file types can prevent data collection running smoothly.
      2. Review the materials here: We have lots of experience using ODK in a wide range of settings and have drawn on that experience when creating these resources. We have lots of freely available online materials including step-by-step guides, so have a look through them to see if you can find a solution. 
      3. Google it: One benefit of using open-source software for data collection is that there is an active online community who use the software regularly and have experienced most common problems already. For those encountering problems after completion of the course and reviewing the resources online we recommend typing your question into Google and reviewing the search results. This is often the most efficient way to get a solution to your issue! 
      4. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the materials here or via Google, please feel free to contact us on the forum below.

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