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      Please see the webpage for further details: http://opendatakit.lshtm.ac.uk/

      The LSHTM Open Research Kits provide platforms to support global health research through the implementation of technological solutions to data collection and making for epidemiological, clinical research and social sciences studies that aim to improve health worldwide.

      The Open Research Kits current provides access to three services, including:

      LSHTM Open Data Kit (https://opendatakit.lshtm.ac.uk/odk/)

      A suite of electronic data capture tools which support the implementation of Open Data Kit, a software package for research use which allows tablet & webform based data collection via xforms.

      This zero-cost data kit is available to all LSHTM researchers and their partners.

      LSHTM Emergency and Epidemic Data Kit (https://opendatakit.lshtm.ac.uk/edk/)

      The LSHTM-Emergency and Epidemic Data Kit (LSHTM-EDK) is funded by the National Institute for Health Research providing electronic data collection tools during health emergencies and primarily has supported two Ebola vaccine trials in the DRC.

      LSHTM Open Making Kit (https://opendatakit.lshtm.ac.uk/lshtm-open-making-kit/)

      3D design and print support for researchers with prototyping, equipment manufacturing (for lab and field) and other making needs.

      This zero-cost data kit is available to LSHTM staff and students.

      Robert Butcher

      Robert is a Research Fellow and epidemiologist in the Clinical Research Department. His work focuses on the use of molecular diagnostics in the mapping of Neglected Tropical Diseases and sexually transmitted infections. He also has an interest in the genetic epidemiology of ocular and urogenital strains of Chlamydia trachomatis. For further details please click here.

      Hannah Brindle

      Dr Hannah Brindle is a research fellow with the LSHTM Emergency and Epidemic Data Kit Study. She is part of the data management team for a two dose Ebola vaccine trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), designing the electronic data collection tools using Open Data Kit (ODK) and contributing to the reporting and analysis. Additionally, she collaborated with the World Health Organization to conduct a Delphi survey to determine the minimal variables needed for any outbreak investigation. For this, Hannah designed the electronic data collection system using Enketo. She is now planning to use ODK for both qualitative and quantitative work to explore human movement patterns during the Ebola epidemic in North Kivu, DRC and in neighbouring Ugandan districts. A significant part of Hannah's work involves training in the utilisation of ODK and the development of forms. For further details please click here.

      Michael Marks

      Photo of Michael MarksMichael Marks is an infectious diseases clinician and epidemiologist in the Clinical Research Department at LSHTM. His main research interests are Neglected Tropical Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Along with Chrissy Roberts he helped setup the ODK service at LSHTM and has contributed to feature development within the ODK community. For further details please click here.

      Chrissy Roberts

      Dr Chrissy RobertsDr Chrissy Roberts is an associate professor in LSHTM’s Clinical Research Department and the lead scientist of the LSHTM Global Health Analytics Group. He works with a team of field epidemiologists, laboratory researchers and data scientists who aim to leverage emerging technology for the benefit of human health. The team currently focuses on electronic data systems for use in emergencies and epidemics, scalable low-cost laboratory diagnostics and developing methods for integrated surveillance of infectious diseases. Through funding from the UK Department of Health and Social Care, the group has been providing data collection and real time analytics support to two major evaluations of Ebola vaccines in DR Congo. For further details please click here