• Building your own questionnaire for an outbreak

    • To enable you to practice using the skills taught in this course, we have prepared a list of questions that might be asked during a hypothetical outbreak of viral illness. Design your own form to collect data on the variables listed in the attached document, upload it to the training server then try to collect some imaginary data.

    • If you manage to follow the whole process through to completion and obtain your data outputted in a useable format, congratulations! If you do not, review the materials here and try to identify where the process is going wrong. There are loads of online resources which may help you do that, here are some good places to start:

       You can also review the advice in the troubleshooting section of this course. Good luck!

      Note: This exercise is intended to encourage you to use the resources available here to make your own form. It is not assessed and feedback on these forms will not be provided.